Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paddleboard Race and My Last Week at JDRF

      The paddleboard race last weekend was amazing!  JDRF had over 60 participants, a wonderful success for our first attempt at this.  The day was perfect at the beach and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.  I know I had fun!  There was a 6-mile race, a 2-mile race, as well as a kid’s course.  My friend and I both participated in the 2-mile race, he came in fifth on the paddleboard and I came in first in the kayak race!  Not that I had much competition for first, considering I was the only one in a kayak… But it was still really fun and I enjoyed doing the course.  I’ll definitely be doing this again when it comes around next year, I’m sure then there’ll be more competition!

     This past Tuesday was also my last day working at JDRF.  I’m sad to leave, but there are so many opportunities to volunteer and do things for JDRF that I’m sure to see these awesome people again soon.  I had such a fantastic experience there and learned a lot.  This internship has certainly been a very interesting experience over the summer.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m volunteering with JDRF again!

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